The Sundial 5-Star Guarantee

We've got you covered with our 5-Star Guarantee!

Sundial's 5-Star Guarantee

From routine repairs and maintenance, to emergency services, to expert equipment installation and replacement, our services are backed up by our unique 5 Star Guarantee, and an award-winning team of plumbing professionals. Plus, Sundial Plumbing's rigorous hiring, training and general Company standards assure you that only the most trusted and dependable service professionals are entering your home or business.

  • Our Honesty Guarantee

    We guarantee our written recommendation will only be for work that is necessary according to industry standards.

  • Our Pricing Assurance Guarantee

    We will diagnose your issues and provide a written scope of work to you for your approval. We will be competitive with any firm in the market who uses industry best practices

  • Our Professionalism and Cleanliness Guarantee

    We commit to caring for your home and conducting ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism. We will pay you $200 and treat your family to dinner if our technician does not meet our standards.

  • Our “No Conflict of Interest” Guarantee

    Most of our competitors pay their technicians on a commission basis. In our opinion, that is a conflict of interest. We pay our technicians by the hour, plus incentive bonuses for efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

  • Our 100% Satisfaction and Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with our work and notify us within 30 days, we will make corrections to your satisfaction, and refund all costs for workmanship if it was not completed correctly the first time. After the initial 30 days, we will return to your home or business for the life of the product we installed to correct any workmanship issues free of charge.

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