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Water & Sewer Line Replacement

Trusted Guidance on Sewer Line Replacement

Sometimes, repair is not an option. But who can you trust for honest answers and guidance on the alternatives? For over 70 years, home owners like you have turned to the sewer line replacement and repair professionals at Sundial Plumbing.

Sewer line replacement may be required due to changes to the property or to the structure on the property (regrading, rebuilding, additions). Or the existing sewer line may have been significantly compromised in some way, due to:

  • Years of wear and tear/root damage
  • Failure of original materials
  • Lack of structural integrity
  • Man-made disturbance (digging on the property)
  • Angles in the original design that restrict flow

No matter the reason, Sundial's sewer line replacement and repair professionals thoroughly diagnose, explain, and guide you to a solution that you can feel good about. Guaranteed.

Water Line Replacement or Repair?

Whether to repair or replace – that is the question. Have you noticed wet areas in your yard that just won't dry out? Unusual water taste or color? Higher than usual water bills? Low water pressure in your home? The water line replacement and repair technicians at Sundial Plumbing investigate the source of the problem and guide you on the most cost-effective solution. Water line replacement may be the best or only option when the culprit is:

Why Customers Count on Sundial...

  • Rust buildup in metal or galvanized pipes that is constricting water flow, contaminating water, or corroding faucets

  • Chronic leaks or fractures that have compromised the water line’s structural integrity, including the need for polybutylene pipe replacement

Backed by our industry-leading 5-Star Guarantee, Sundial Plumbing has the experts that Metro-Atlantans have trusted generation after generation for all of their water line replacement needs.

Comprehensive Water/Sewer Services from Sundial

Our comprehensive sewer line replacement and water line replacement services include:

  • Electronic Sewer Line Location
  • Video Pipe Inspection Cameras – on every Sundial truck
  • Motorized Sewer Machines
  • Sewer Line Excavation
  • Trenchless Technology for Sewer Line Replacement – minimizing disruption to landscaping
  • Septic to Sewer Line Conversions
  • Lift Stations and Pumps – designed, installed, repaired and maintained
  • Relocating Water Lines for Remodeling Projects
  • Polybutylene Pipe Replacement
  • Galvanized Water Line Replacement
  • Sewer Line Repair, when sewer line replacement is not necessary
  • Water Line Repair, when water line replacement is not necessary

For all of your water and sewer plumbing needs, trust Sundial Plumbing, a Better Business Bureau accredited business and recipient of the SmartBusiness World Class Customer Service Award.

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