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Everything that goes down, doesn't always go through. Some toilet problems develop over years of use – build up, wear and tear, leaks or loose connections. Others may result from kids testing the limits of what's flushable. No matter your toilet troubles, Sundial's toilet repair plumbers and toilet installation plumbers bring a lifetime of experience putting bathrooms back in working order.

Need a Toilet Repair Plumber?

Sundial's toilet repair plumbers are experienced at diagnosing and repairing a full array of toilet problems, from a clogged toilet trap to a clogged or blocked sewer line. Rebuilding or repairing a toilet can include quite a few parts, but Sundial toilet repair plumbers quickly assess the non-working parts, provide a reasonable estimate up front and repair whenever possible.

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Looking for a Toilet Installation Plumber?

Refreshing the look of your existing bathroom or adding on? Sundial's experienced toilet installation plumbers are ready to help your vision come to life with a new or replacement toilet. Sometimes repairing an existing toilet isn't possible or the best option. In that case, Sundial's experienced plumbers will recommend a replacement toilet if that's a better value for the customer.

Experience the Sundial Difference

When you've been fixing toilet problems as long as Sundial has, you've seen everything. For over 70 years in the Metro Atlanta area, home owners and commercial properties alike have trusted their troublesome toilets to the professionals at Sundial Plumbing. Our toilet repair plumbers and toilet installation plumbers take pride in this legacy of trust, backed by our unique 5-Star Guarantee. Experience the Sundial Difference.

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